Dive Into the New Age of 4G, LoRa based Networks

Our Services

Data Acquisition Modules

We build data acquistiion modules for gas meters, energy meters and water meters. We have built advanced data acquisition systems using top of the line sensors and controllers from reputed chip companies and module makers 


LoRa Gateways

LoRa is the technology of future, which will make IoT dreams come true. It has the power to provide seamless communication over long distances in a very power efficient manner. We have built gateways that are compliant with LoRa standards and can sustain in harsh environment conditions. 

noun_network signal_2663555.png

4G Gateways

In the recent times IoT products are relying on 4G networks for efficient data communication. There are a number of 4G modules available in market, but we have chosen modules with utmost care and deep research and have built gateways that are rugged and time tested in very diverse climatic and network conditions. We have modified the antenna designs to suit Indian conditions fairly. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are a company that will adapt to the market changes and customer requirements very fast and come up with products that suit your requirements in quick time. Our vast domain expertise in networking , security and product design will help your product ideas come to reality soon.