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Our Mission

To build best in class wireless communication systems that are robust and cost effective. We take pride in designing products for industrial grade applications.

Our Story

We started our journey in 2015 as a small design house developing IoT products, we have experimented with hundreds of sensors, modules, controllers. We have succeeded in many of the projects that are now in markets. We have also learnt a lot from the failures and we try to better ourselves with every project we take up.

Our key ingredient to success is to try hard and never give up till something works in our customer's favor.

Our engineers and designers are experienced in their respective domains. They have worked with very complex problems and have delivered projects in record times to our customers. We have an insight into the trends in electronic manufacturing, assembly, mechanical design, Mould design. We also work with a series of sensors, digital to analog converters, stepper motors, printers, ultrasonic sensor etc.

Experienced Leadership

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